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Best Stair Dolly | Stair Climbing Hand Truck in 2020 | Updated

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Stair dolly or stair climbing dolly is an L-formed box-moving pushcart with handles toward one side, and wheels at the base with a little edge to set the thing on, used to move heavy loads easily up and down the stairs. It is normally made of strong but light weight metal with plastic-covered handles, making it easy for people to lift and move the objects. If you always have to lift heavy things up and down the stairs at your home or your restaurant or factory, having a stair climbing dolly is greatly helpful. Feel like you are in need one of them now? To help you get the best quality dolly, our team has spent times to research and compile the best products for your below. The list of the stair climbing dollies below has just been updated by our team in 2020. Check them out!

It is important to know how much weight can a stair dolly or a hand truck hold which you’re going to purchase. Most of the hand trucks have a limited capacity to load weights according to their build. Carrying more weight to them can cause them to break or choke. So, don’t forget to check it against the objects you need to lift.More Details  six-wheeled stair climbing hand truck

There are folding dolly and adjustable hand dolly. Folding dolly is easy for your to keep in a narrow space, but not really necessary. So, you decided. Yet, the height of the handles to grip the truck is one of the most critical factors to be considered. It helps for handling the cart according to the height and load.

COSCO Shifter Multi-Position Heavy Duty 2 In 1 Folding Hand Truck And Dolly
Cosco Shifter stair climbing dolly is very popular among users for now. It is a stair dolly and hand truck all-in-one tool, which is made of strong steel frame and can hold weight up to 300 pounds. With its flexible designed, you can use it either as a four-wheel dolly or two-wheel hand truck as you need. The four-wheel option creates a large platform allowing you to move large-size object from one place to another place; such as moving a big box or a huge package alone. When you need to move a tall heavy tall object, you can quickly convert the dolly into a two-wheel hand truck, then either use it to move your stuff on the ground or up and down the stair more easily. The dolly itself is only 15 pounds in weight, making it usable by any adult person.

This stair climbing dolly is also designed to be folded in flat after use, making it very easy to store in the garage, in a closet or keeping in your car’s trunk in case you are in need of it anywhere else. Speaking of its constructed materials, this dolly is made of sturdy steel frame and powder-coated all around. Given the robust construction, it can easily withstand up to 300 lbs weight lifting either on the ground or up and down the stairs.

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